In Atlanta, anything within a two-or-three-hour drive can be considered a local dive. Most local diving takes place in lakes and quarries. While the Divers@Sea local diving is not the type of diving you will see on the cover of a Caribbea`n travel brochure, it does provide a great opportunity to acquire the necessary diving skills to become a proficient diver. 

The principle is very similar to taking flying lessons, where there are a pre-determined number of flight hours required prior to making your first solo flight. Diving is no different. The more you do it, the more comfortable and proficient a diver you become.

Local Diving Travel Options Include:

Lake Jocassee -  2.5 hours from Atlanta
Dive Land Quarry -  2.5 hours from Atlanta
Blue Water Quarry - 2.5 hours from Atlanta

Divers@Sea frequents all of these sites on a regular basis. When we are making a trip, you are welcome to join us anytime. Our Dive Masters are available for local orientation dives on any of these trips, and can show you the appropriate techniques for these dive sites. 


Maps and additional information for all of the above sites are available at the shop free of charge. If you have an interest to dive one the above local sites, feel free to stop by the shop, and we can provide you with all of the appropriate information.