The purpose of the Open Water certification dives is to ensure a smooth transition from the swimming pool to the open water environment. A total of four Open Water Checkout Dives are required in order to qualify for the PADI Open Water Scuba Certification. (Note: Five Open Water Dives are required for the HSA Open Water Certification). 

During the course of your Open Water training dives, you will be responsible for demonstrating proficiency of the basic scuba skills mastered during your introductory scuba diving course.

We invite you to continue the fun & excitement by choosing to complete your Open Water Checkout Dives on an upcoming Divers@Sea tour. Our tours are the perfect way to complete the certification process. Checkout dives can be completed on any of our entry-level tours.

Divers@Sea entry-level tours are specifically designed with the new diver in mind. The tour location and logistics are carefully chosen—based on the overall diving quality, suitability for new students/dive training and overall diving value. Our philosophy is quite simple: create a great experience and customers will come back again, and again for more.