Emergency First Response

Emergency First Response (EFR) is a basic training course in emergency care.  CPR and other important emergency care skills are combined into one course. Upon successful completion of the EFR course, students will be able to function with a consistent set of priorities in a medical emergency. Students learn the same priorities of care and approach to the patient used by

professionals. This methodology results in a continuity of care as the patient is passed onto paramedics, nurses and doctors.

The EFR course may be used to meet the PADI Advanced Plus and Rescue Diver first aid and CPR training requirements and to meet CPR/first aid prerequisites for any PADI leadership level course.

Divers and non-divers—alike—will find this course to be invaluable. The course is designed for use by the lay person; there are no formal prerequisites required.


The Divers@Sea Rescue Diver program prepares you to help prevent—and if necessary—manage diving emergencies, minor and major, with a variety of techniques.

What you are about to learn will improve your skill and confidence as a diver, and prepare you to move on to the PADI Master Scuba Diver and PADI Dive Master levels. Most certified PADI Rescue Divers look back on their Rescue training as the most challenging and demanding of all. It is also the most rewarding program they have taken. The subject is serious, but the training is fun.